Your wedding will be one of the best days of your life, but it also will be one of the most expensive. Below are three ways to save money on your wedding.

Saving Tips for a Wedding

1. Supply the Beverages

The price of food and drink is very high; however, you can supply your own beverages if your reception venue allows it. Purchasing alcohol and other drinks at a bulk grocery store is a sure way to save money. Before committing to this idea, make sure you can hire a bartender with the proper liquor license Dallas TX to serve alcoholic beverages at the reception.

2. Make Your Own Centerpieces

A fun way to save money and spend time with friends or family prior to a busy wedding day is to host a small gathering where people help you make centerpieces. Professional florists do excellent work, but the price for floral masterpieces and other decor adds up quickly. Instead, you can purchase flowers at local stores or in bulk from the internet and create your own centerpieces for your special day. In the long run, handling and creating anything yourself will lower the cost of your wedding.

3. Be Crafty With Dessert

Cutting a wedding cake is a wonderful (and sometimes messy) wedding tradition. If your heart is set on smearing frosting on your new spouse’s face, but you don’t want the added expense of a three-tier cake to feed the entire guest list, there are a few different ways you can be crafty about dessert. Instead of a big, expensive wedding cake, serve matching sheet cakes or decorated cupcakes to the guests. You can always have a smaller, single-tier wedding cake just for you and your spouse to cut.

With a little ingenuity, you can find many ways to save money while planning a wonderful wedding celebration.