Do you often feel bloated? Do you suffer from brain fog or chronic constipation? Many people don’t realize that how they feel could be related to their digestion. It’s not only the food that we put into our body that matters, but it is also the human system’s gut health that requires attention. Here are three things that may improve your belly and mentality.

Take Probiotics

The stomach houses bacteria, both good and bad. When it gets out of balanced, it might impact how you feel and act. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure your tummy has enough microbes to keep you in tune. Probiotics are one way to accomplish this. While you can get these from foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut and cheese, it can be hard to determine if you’re getting all you need. Instead, you may want to consider a supplement such as metagenics ultraflora balance

Increase Fiber

Sometimes, that uncomfortable feeling can come from a slow digestive track, the bowels becoming backed up and having little to no room for additional substance. If this is case, you’ll want to encourage them to work by adding fiber to your diet. To create bulk and a need to go, consider boosting your intake of wheat and oats. These bulk the movement and signal your body it needs to go. That may not be enough though. Soluble fiber in vegetables helps the digestive track function, making bowel movements easier and, usually, more frequent. Think greens particularly.

Drink Water

If you’re dehydrated, your colon and abdomen are impacted because the bile may not have enough liquid. Drink six to eight glasses of water. This could improve organ function and relieve some upset.

Take care of yourself inside and out by eating right and getting the right supplements. Probiotics might offer you a solution. Furthermore, think about your diet, increasing your water intake and your selection of fiber and veggies.