After having a new baby, your emotions often range from pure delight to pure exhaustion and everything in-between. One important piece of advice for new mothers is to ensure they take care of themselves physically and emotionally so they can be their best self for their new baby. Here are four ways you can help take care of yourself post-baby:

Diet and Hydration

One of the most important things you can do is to eat a balanced diet and drink water regularly. Your body will require a constant source of nutrients and steady energy as you recover from labor and delivery and work incredibly hard to care night and day for your new baby. This is even more important when you are nursing your baby as your body requires even more nutrients and hydration for milk production.


After giving birth to your beautiful baby it is normal to feel discouraged about the way your body changes postpartum. Please try to remember the amazing and challenging things your body goes through to bring new life into the world. However, there are many resources available for mommy makeover Long Island NY so do not be afraid to reach out to resources who can help your body return to its best self.


While it is easy to just stay home with your baby, it is critical to have a support system around you during these first weeks and months of parenting and beyond. Schedule regular times with family and/or friends and also find breaks from the constant care of your new baby. Join a local moms group or new moms group for additional support and connections.


While it is normal to have a lot of short nights with an infant in the home, your ability to rest and recharge is critical. Use your partner or community to help care for your baby so you can nap or sleep regularly. Sleep is one of the most important pieces of your physical and mental health.