More people are realizing the importance of including self-care activities as part of an everyday routine. However, knowing it’s good and actually doing it aren’t the same thing. In fact, it can be hard to stop doing for others and do for yourself. Here are four tips to help you normalize self care. 

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1. Find Activities You Enjoy

If scheduling a spa day isn’t your thing, that’s perfectly alright. Think outside of the box and find activities you truly enjoy. Maybe you prefer a challenge, in which case hitting the trials for a grueling hike, joining an indoor rock climbing gym or signing up for a boot camp class might be a better fit.

2. Listen To Your Body

No matter what activities you pursue, it is critical that you listen to your body for cues. If that new climbing route was great, but you’re still feeling it more than a few days later, you might need to step back a bit. Make an appointment for a sports massage Pasadena CA to help yourself fully recover. 

3. Consider It an Investment

It is too easy to focus on the cost of taking care of yourself when, in reality, you are better served thinking of how much you are saving by investing in yourself. Stop and think for a minute about the cost to manage and treat common chronic health conditions. It probably dwarfs how much you spend on self-care activities to help prevent those conditions.

4. Involve a Friend

There is a ton of evidence supporting the benefits of spending time with friends, so it just makes sense to include them as part of your self-care routine. Look for activities you can do together, from taking a walk around the neighborhood to a paint and sip evening out.

No matter what self care looks like to you, finding activities you enjoy is key. Be sure to listen to your body, involve friends in the mix and consider the time an investment in your health can help you to make it a normal part of every day.