Although coffee is a delicious and invigorating beverage, sometimes it’s nice to have a little change of pace. Here are a few unique drinks to help spice up your morning routine.

Alternatives to Coffee

Tea Lattes

Arguably the most common tea latte is a chai tea latte, but many of the other great tasting teas Michigan offers make excellent lattes. Teas with bold flavors such as earl grey or matcha are also excellent candidates for tea lattes. These drinks are usually prepared with steamed cow’s milk, but alternative milks such as soy or almond milk can be tasty pairings as well. Just like a coffee latte, these drinks often have a nice hit of caffeine, rounded out with frothy milk and elegant flavors. 

Golden Milk

Golden milk is another variation on the tea latte trend, but sans tea. It typically includes a milk or alternative milk base, plus turmeric, black pepper and some warming spices like cinnamon or ginger. It’s a gorgeous sunshine-yellow drink, with added anti-inflammatory benefits from the turmeric.

Chicory Coffee

Although not a true coffee drink, brewed chicory root has been used as a coffee alternative for many years. When roasted, ground and steeped or brewed, it tastes similar to coffee, but is caffeine-free. Many sources tout its health benefits as well, including aiding digestion and supporting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. 

Brewed Cocoa

Unlike hot chocolate, which is finely-ground cocoa blended with milk and sugar, brewed cocoa involves a more coffee-like preparation. Whole cocoa beans are roasted and coarsely ground (just like coffee grounds), then brewed in hot water for a dark, complex beverage with a flavor all its own. 

Even if you’re a coffee addict, a variety in your morning drink ritual can be a welcome change. Whether you’re hoping to cut back your caffeine habit with a non-jittery beverage, or simply looking for a different source of a buzz, there are many different options available to expand your drink horizons.