There is a common saying that drug addiction is an illness, and as such, it is hard to go recovery alone. Therefore, when choosing to put recovery front and center, you may need to find additional help from sober living facilities, which are dedicated to your sobriety and getting you healthy. However, when searching for the right recovery house, make sure that each one has the following five things.

1. Support Staff

Every recovery house rockville md should have a reliable and dedicated support staff. Essentially, you want to find a house where the team is compassionate, but where they are also not afraid to tell it like it is and enforce the rules.

2. Responsibility

Also, any sober living facility you are looking into should offer a personalized recovery plan that instills a level of responsibility. That responsibility needs to go beyond recovery. You should find a facility that expects you to contribute to the community.

3. Peer Development

Recovery is more than staying off of drugs; it is about finding a peer group that is going to support your new lifestyle and not enable your bad habits. Therefore, find a recovery home where peer and social development are paramount.

4. Safety

Your recovery, especially in the beginning, is going to be difficult and stressful. You do not need to worry about anything other than your health during this time, which is why you need to find a place where security is a top concern.

5. Structure

Last, you want to find a house where they demand adherence to structure. You need to find ways to entertain your thoughts during the quiet, dark moments, and the best way to do that is by having other things to do, like chores or group activities.

While one type of facility is not best for everyone, most recovering addicts benefit from houses that adhere to the five above attributes. Don’t put your recovery in jeopardy by entering a house that doesn’t put your recovery first.