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Baking as Therapy

Baking is a staple in millions of households. People love to bake for holidays, family gatherings and when they just want to embark on a fun project in the kitchen. However, you probably don’t know that baking is actually therapeutic! Here’s the proof to encourage you to try your own hand at the delectable baked goods you admire in bakery display cases.

The Procedure Makes You Mindful

There are a lot of step-by-step instructions involved with baking. Because it demands creativity, adherence to instruction and coordination, you have to give the process a lot of attention and focus. By staying aware of each thing you’re doing, you can develop your ability to be aware of things in other parts of your life as well.

Baking Is Pleasing to the Senses

Baking has a big impact on several of your senses. Smell, taste and sight are all engaged when you bake. When you make an extravagant cake or a golden loaf of bread, the sight itself makes you feel satisfied and even happy. The smell of a treat when it’s baking is appetizing and heightens your anticipation. To top it all off, the taste of the finished product will delight you in the moment.

It Takes Your Mind Off of Stressful Things

As mentioned earlier, baking requires a lot of attention. This means whatever event or situation is giving you discomfort has to be pushed to the back of your mind. This break might seem simple, but the creative pursuits involved with baking will provide your mind with a lot of constructive relief.

Baking is a tiny investment with a huge payoff when it comes to reducing stress. It compels you to think creatively and channel your thoughts into making something good and tasty to satiate your appetite while lifting up your disposition.


Becoming a Cop or Firefighter Is Easier If You Follow This Basic Guide

Life as a first responder is filled with plenty of excitement and thrills. There is also the tragedy and heartbreak that comes with the territory. These men and women represent the front line of defense when individuals need help the most. Naturally, there are some pretty high standards to meet in order to be accepted and successful within this elite group of professionals. For those considering such a career path, the following steps will provide a helpful reference in the tumultuous early days.


Look Into the Job

Some career searches begin with a pretty standard application process. For others, however, it might seem a bit confusing to those hoping to enter the field. For that reason, it is sometimes best to start researching the most relevant aspect of the issue. As an example, someone might want to perform a web search for the phrase “How do I become a firefighter in Texas?” if he or she is interested in pursuing that particular path.

Look Into the Requirements

Every police force or fire company around the world has specific steps one must take in order to meet the lowest threshold for service. Make sure each of those requirements is attainable and understandable before leaping into any new pursuit.

Look Into the Future

As technology advances and recommended actions change, it is incumbent for all first responders and public service workers to remain current. Performing a rudimentary review of the expected adaptations in a chosen field will prepare an applicant for some of the uncertainties likely to be encountered along the way.
There are plenty of reasons for someone to pursue a position as a first responder. At the same time, there are plenty of issues one is likely to discover that could derail the plan. Focus on the guidelines above for some helpful perspective. 


4 Unusual Alternatives to Coffee

Although coffee is a delicious and invigorating beverage, sometimes it’s nice to have a little change of pace. Here are a few unique drinks to help spice up your morning routine.

Alternatives to Coffee

Tea Lattes

Arguably the most common tea latte is a chai tea latte, but many of the other great tasting teas Michigan offers make excellent lattes. Teas with bold flavors such as earl grey or matcha are also excellent candidates for tea lattes. These drinks are usually prepared with steamed cow’s milk, but alternative milks such as soy or almond milk can be tasty pairings as well. Just like a coffee latte, these drinks often have a nice hit of caffeine, rounded out with frothy milk and elegant flavors. 

Golden Milk

Golden milk is another variation on the tea latte trend, but sans tea. It typically includes a milk or alternative milk base, plus turmeric, black pepper and some warming spices like cinnamon or ginger. It’s a gorgeous sunshine-yellow drink, with added anti-inflammatory benefits from the turmeric.

Chicory Coffee

Although not a true coffee drink, brewed chicory root has been used as a coffee alternative for many years. When roasted, ground and steeped or brewed, it tastes similar to coffee, but is caffeine-free. Many sources tout its health benefits as well, including aiding digestion and supporting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. 

Brewed Cocoa

Unlike hot chocolate, which is finely-ground cocoa blended with milk and sugar, brewed cocoa involves a more coffee-like preparation. Whole cocoa beans are roasted and coarsely ground (just like coffee grounds), then brewed in hot water for a dark, complex beverage with a flavor all its own. 

Even if you’re a coffee addict, a variety in your morning drink ritual can be a welcome change. Whether you’re hoping to cut back your caffeine habit with a non-jittery beverage, or simply looking for a different source of a buzz, there are many different options available to expand your drink horizons.


What To Know Before Taking a Sleep Study

If you experience symptoms associated with a sleep disorder, such as intense snoring, leg discomfort, or daytime drowsiness, you may benefit from a sleep study. Sleep studies can seem intimidating, but if you know what to expect, they’re an easy step towards a better quality of life.

Taking a Sleep Study

What a Sleep Study Studies

A sleep study is a test that examines your sleep cycles. During the study, a specialist monitors your breathing, snoring, brain waves, heart rate, eye movement, blood oxygen and limb movement. This information provides insight into the cause of sleep disruptions and any disorders that may be a factor. With an accurate diagnosis, you can begin to take the next steps, such as checking for underlying neurological conditions or seeking sleep apnea treatment Houston TX.

How To Prepare for a Sleep Study

Make sure your physician knows about any medications you take in advance to ensure accurate results. On the day of the study, keep to your routine and don’t take midday snoozes. In the afternoon, try to refrain from drinking alcohol or caffeine. Since lotion, hair products and cosmetics can interfere with the study, consider bathing beforehand. Bring everything you need to go to sleep, such as clothing and toiletries.

What Happens During a Sleep Study

Before you go to bed, a specialist attaches sensors to your head, chest, and legs. While you sleep, these sensors relay information to a computer through long wires. Your room will have a bed and somewhere to sit. It will also be equipped with a camera and microphone to allow the specialist to see and hear you as they monitor the sensors. You’ll be able to take things at your own pace and relax until you’re ready to sleep. The study ends when you wake up for the day.

You don’t have to let a sleep disorder win. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare for a sleep study makes the process easier and the results more accurate. By taking this step, you’ll be on your way to more restful nights and vibrant days.


Why You Should Consider a Career in Engineering

As you’re thinking about your college course of study, why should you consider becoming an engineer? It might seem intimidating, between challenging courses like chemistry and heavy textbooks like Differential Equations 10th Edition. However, an engineering degree gives you lots of opportunities to change the world. Engineering is also a relatively high-paying career, and there is always a demand for new engineers. Here are a few things you can do with an education in engineering.

Career in Engineering

Solve Medical Problems

Biomedical engineers are on the cutting edge of medical advancements. Whether they’re designing new types of prosthetics, improving the functioning of artificial organs, or developing new medications, they’re always working on new ways to help people get healthy and stay healthy. Biomedical engineering is a great way to work in the medical field if becoming a doctor isn’t the path for you.

Protect the Environment

Environmental engineers work to reduce the impact humans have on the world, and they develop ways to reverse some of the damage humans have already caused to the environment. Engineers in this field can work to reduce air and water pollution produced by existing industry. They also can help design cities to make them more environmentally friendly. Environmental engineers ensure that we have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.

Design the Technology of the Future

Engineers help develop computer technology and artificial intelligence. They program new video games with increasingly complex graphics and gameplay. Automotive engineers design high-tech cars and even make them self-driving. Aerospace engineers are creating the next generation of space travel vehicles and studying ways to allow humans to travel further and further into the universe.

No matter where your interests lie, there is a field of engineering that incorporates them. As you plan your college studies, consider working on a degree in this rewarding, stable field.