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6 Reasons Why CBD Will Improve Your Recovery After Workouts

CBD for Athletes

If you’re aiming to get fit and healthy, you’re probably incorporating regular workouts into your routine. And if you’re like most people, you’re also looking for ways to speed up your recovery so you can get back to the gym sooner. With this in mind, here are 6 powerful reasons you should consider adding CBD to your workout recovery regimen.

It’s A Powerful Antioxidant

CBD has antioxidant properties, so by taking it after a workout, you’ll be reducing the amount of free radicals in your body. Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage cells and lead to illness if they build up in the body. Furthermore, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can reduce swelling and discomfort and even help to prevent future injury, which means you’ll be able to get back to your workouts sooner.

It Can Reduce Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness is a common side effect of working out, but CBD can help to reduce it. In fact, one study showed that CBD was just as effective as ibuprofen in reducing muscle soreness. Additionally, CBD doesn’t have the side effects that ibuprofen does, such as stomach upset and potential liver damage.

It Can Improve Sleep Quality

Believe it or not, sleep is an important part of the recovery process after a workout. When you don’t get enough sleep, your muscles don’t have time to heal properly and you’re more likely to experience inflammation and soreness. CBD can help to improve sleep quality, so you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

It’s Anti-inflammatory

Again, CBD is anti-inflammatory, so it will help to reduce the inflammation in your muscles after a strenuous workout, which is very important. This will help you to feel better faster and recover more quickly, so you can get back to your fitness routine sooner without any pain or stiffness.

It’s Safe And Legal

Unlike some of the other supplements that are commonly used for workout recovery, CBD is safe and legal. It’s non-toxic and doesn’t have any negative side effects. Additionally, CBD products can be purchased online and sent directly to your home without a prescription. This makes it easy to integrate CBD into your fitness routine on a regular basis without any hassle.

It Can Be Used With Other Supplements

If you’re already taking other supplements for recovery, such as protein powder or omega-3s, CBD can be used in conjunction with them. In fact, using CBD along with other supplements is a great way to maximize the benefits of each one. Furthermore, CBD doesn’t have any negative interactions with other supplements, so you don’t need to worry about taking them together.

Final Thoughts

If you want to improve recovery time after working out, CBD is one of the best options on the market today. It’s affordable, effective, and safe – making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to speed up their post-workout recovery. In fact, CBD for athletes is becoming so popular that it’s become one of the best-selling supplements in the sports world right now.


Does a Visit to a Spa Leave You Healthier?

Today would have been ideal for visiting the Med Spa Greenwood Village. Yet, you have reservations about whether the visit will be productive. This is common among people who want to visit medical spas. You could attribute this to the limited information available at their disposal. Fortunately, this article explores the top reasons to visit such resorts.

Med Spa Greenwood Village

Relaxed Body and Mind

A day at the spa is excellent for your mental and physical health. You could attribute this to the wide range of treatments offered at this spa. Some of these treatments will help minimize the effects of diabetes II on the body. You could also rely on them when dealing with other lifestyle diseases.

First, a day at the spa assures you of a massage, whether Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, or sport. This massage improves your blood circulation, minimizing the risk of clogged arteries and veins. In addition, a good massage helps reduce the chances of hypertension.

These med spas will also help handle chronic pain. They will provide you with mineral baths, which ease chronic back pain and arthritis. You could also opt for a foot massage, preventing foot injuries and relieving migraines.

The aromatherapy session is typical in various spa packages. This treatment focuses on relaxing your mind, reducing the effects of anxiety, depression, and stress. One of the products of aromatherapy is better sleep.

Slow the Aging Process

Most people love their skin, appreciating it even more if it looks younger than their age. Notably, various factors contribute to aging skin: toxins, mental health issues, and impurities. A med spa will ensure that your skin looks better after multiple treatments, including better moisturizing and hydration.

At the same time, you can rely on various spa skin treatments to help treat different skin conditions, including acne. For instance, you could go for facial cleansing, facial exfoliation, and steaming. This way, you are sure of better-looking skin.

Better Immunity

Frequent spa visits help improve your capacity to fight diseases. You could attribute this to a better lymphatic system, where you are confident of better blood circulation and purity. This lymphatic system will also help improve the circulation of white blood cells within the body. The white cells help fight infections, ensuring that the body is less susceptible to different diseases.

Better blood circulation is also critical for better health in the long run. You can get various heat treatment options at the spa, aiding better blood flow. The blood will comfortably reach congested areas, meaning no lactic acid buildup. In turn, your muscles will heal within a much shorter period.

Similarly, you’ll be sure of better muscular performance. At the spa, you’ll get a therapist to help align your tissues, muscles, and fibers. This approach will help improve your joint flexibility and mobility. It also ensures that you are physically strong.

In conclusion, a visit to the spa is a worthwhile course, assuring you of multiple health benefits. However, it would be best to consider a spa that matches your preferences and readily offers your desired treatments.


How Goo Pain Relief Helps Injured Athletes

Injured athletes often suffer from pain and inflammation. The Goo pain relief for injured athletes helps reduce both of these symptoms, which allows for a speedy recovery. The Goo is a natural product that contains high levels of anti-inflammatory agents and other ingredients that help reduce pain. The Goo treats various injuries, including muscle aches and pains, joint pain, arthritis, and sports injuries.

The Goo Pain Relief for Injured Athletes

How Does the Goo Pain Relief Work?

The Goo works by penetrating deep into the tissues and muscles to relieve pain and inflammation. It also helps to improve blood circulation, which speeds up the healing process. The Goo is safe to use on all types of skin, and you can apply it topically. The product is available in many forms, including moisturizers and patches. The blisters for the patches are already included with the purchase of them. The Goo pain relief has successfully treated injuries such as plantar fasciitis (heel spurs), osteoarthritis, sciatica, ankle sprains, tendonitis, Lymphangitis, tennis elbow, and others. The injury must be treatable before The Goo works on it, however. The benefits of The Goo have been known to last for several days after application due to the high levels of ingredients used in it.

The Goo Pain Relief is an All-Natural Product

The Goo is an all-natural product that contains dozens of ingredients that help reduce inflammation and soothe pain naturally. These ingredients include aloe vera, chamomile, lavender, and tea tree oil. The Goo also contains an anti-inflammatory agent known as Boswellia Serrata. This ingredient is found in many over-the-counter medications, but The Goo contains a much higher concentration. The Goo penetrates deep into the tissues to relieve inflammation and pain. It also helps to improve blood circulation, which speeds up the healing process. The Goo is available in many forms, including moisturizers, pain relief patches, and oral supplements. The company that produces it is known as Tiger Balm, and they have been products for over 100 years.

How Injuries Affect Athletes

Injuries are a common occurrence for athletes. The physical stress of repetitive movements and contact can lead to muscle strains, ligament tears, and joint injuries. The most common injuries among athletes are hip injuries, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, and knee injuries. These injuries can be directly related to the type of sport an athlete plays.

Athletes and anyone who performs repetitive movements and creates physical strain on their body should ensure they receive the necessary treatment for any injuries. This includes pain medication, anti-inflammatory medications, hot/cold therapy, ultrasound treatments, electrical stimulation, chiropractic therapies, traction therapy, deep tissue massages, and other natural remedies such as Goo Pain Relief and CBD oil (hemp seed oil). 

Several ways are all-natural to get the athletes back on the field. Athletes should treat themselves with these methods after a sprain or strain to relieve pain and prevent further damage while waiting for professional help. Many athletes find they do better with all-natural products than prescription drugs because it is safer on the body.


4 Tips To Help You Include Self Care in Your Daily Routine

More people are realizing the importance of including self-care activities as part of an everyday routine. However, knowing it’s good and actually doing it aren’t the same thing. In fact, it can be hard to stop doing for others and do for yourself. Here are four tips to help you normalize self care. 

sports massage pasadena ca

1. Find Activities You Enjoy

If scheduling a spa day isn’t your thing, that’s perfectly alright. Think outside of the box and find activities you truly enjoy. Maybe you prefer a challenge, in which case hitting the trials for a grueling hike, joining an indoor rock climbing gym or signing up for a boot camp class might be a better fit.

2. Listen To Your Body

No matter what activities you pursue, it is critical that you listen to your body for cues. If that new climbing route was great, but you’re still feeling it more than a few days later, you might need to step back a bit. Make an appointment for a sports massage Pasadena CA to help yourself fully recover. 

3. Consider It an Investment

It is too easy to focus on the cost of taking care of yourself when, in reality, you are better served thinking of how much you are saving by investing in yourself. Stop and think for a minute about the cost to manage and treat common chronic health conditions. It probably dwarfs how much you spend on self-care activities to help prevent those conditions.

4. Involve a Friend

There is a ton of evidence supporting the benefits of spending time with friends, so it just makes sense to include them as part of your self-care routine. Look for activities you can do together, from taking a walk around the neighborhood to a paint and sip evening out.

No matter what self care looks like to you, finding activities you enjoy is key. Be sure to listen to your body, involve friends in the mix and consider the time an investment in your health can help you to make it a normal part of every day.


Common Fibromyalgia Triggers

Impacting around 2% of the adult population in the United States, fibromyalgia can be a difficult disorder to treat and manage. Because there is no known cure for the illness, most treatment for it is maintenance-based. It is imperative for a patient to understand what triggers their pain so that they may make lifestyle changes in order to adapt to their body’s needs. Gathered below are some of the most common triggers for fibromyalgia pain.

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Just like how water expands when it freezes, a person’s muscles tighten and spasm in the cold. Fibromyalgia is a nerve-related disorder, magnifying any pain or discomfort in the body to unbearable levels. Logic follows that when temperature decreases, the pain level of a fibromyalgia patient increases. Staying warm during the colder months can help alleviate pain symptoms.


Emotional stress can be a huge trigger for fibromyalgia symptoms. It is important for fibromyalgia patients to not only practice self-care but also to seek community support. Seeking psychological treatment may, in some cases, be necessary to decrease the pain that can be associated with fibromyalgia. 


Unsurprisingly, the way a person moves can have a huge impact on the pain they experience. Remaining stagnant and avoiding exercise can cause pain to worsen. Inversely, if someone overdoes an exercise routine, it can irritate one’s nerves and exacerbate a flare-up. Finding an activity routine and sticking to it is key when dealing with pain management Catonsville.


Having a healthy diet can make a big difference in an individual’s pain symptoms. Eating right does not necessarily mean that a diet is necessary, as long as a patient remains mindful of how different foods impact the way their body feels. Some common food triggers for fibromyalgia pain include processed foods, caffeine, red meats, and alcohol. 

No two patients have the same triggers or symptoms. Individuals might consider keeping a journal listing their activities, meals, and pain level in order to get a better idea of what their triggers are. A patient should always consult their care team to find the treatment plan that suits them best.