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7 Ways to Make Healthy Food Your Business

Everybody loves food. It may be a necessary part of life, but it’s one that we all get to enjoy. Unfortunately, while many foods are enjoyable, not all are good for us. These days, a lot of foods are filled with preservatives, dyes, refined and processed ingredients, and other things that can harm and damage our bodies.

One example of the harm that the food too many people consume too often can do is the childhood obesity trend that is affecting children and teens throughout the nation. A study of children between the ages of 10 and 17 revealed that the combined overweight and obesity rates in the nation range from 19.9 percent in Utah, (the lowest), and 37.7 percent in Tennessee, (the highest). Children and teens aren’t the only ones affected by obesity and other health issues and diseases thanks, in part, to food, though. Too many adults are also struggling with the negative effects of unhealthy foods.

Many cultures believe that food is medicine and that the right foods can help the body in ways you may never have imagined. Whether you subscribe to that same belief or have a passion for healthy foods and want to share that passion with others, one of the best ways to do so is to start a business. With the right business tools, you can take that belief and passion you have about healthy food and share it in several different ways. Here are just a few ideas of how you can turn healthy food into a business:

1.  Become a Personal Chef

Life is busy; a lot of people feel like they don’t have the time to make meals at home, so they turn to less healthy but faster options. In addition, not everyone is familiar with proper nutrition and making healthy eats, so their food choices aren’t always as well balanced as they should be. As a personal chef, you could help those people get nutritious and delicious meals every day, giving them better meal options.

2.  Launch a Lunch Program for Kids

Many people are beginning to recognize the harmful effects of unhealthy foods on America’s kids, and people like the former first lady, Michelle Obama have worked to implement programs that will help kids have access to healthier, smarter food choices. While her efforts and others have had some impact, each community still needs a proponent to help kids get lunches that are better for them. By launching a lunch program for kids at local schools, you could help improve their diets and, in turn, their lives.

3.  Grow Fruits and Veggies and Sell them at the Farmers Market

If you love to grow a garden and enjoy the fruits and veggies that you grow there, why not expand a bit and start sharing your healthy foods with others? Farmers markets around the nation are gaining more and more popularity, and as someone who grows their fresh fruits and veggies, you would have the opportunity to help others get healthier foods and ingredients while earning some extra cash.

4.  Become a Nutritionist

Many people try to make healthier eating choices, but don’t have all of the knowledge and guidance that they need. There are plenty of foods that people mistakenly believe to be healthy that can be just as harmful as other snack foods out there. If you love nutrition and helping others learn about it, why not become a certified nutritionist and start helping others better understand what is and isn’t good for their bodies?

5.  Start a Food Truck

Whether there’s one particular healthy dish you make exceptionally well, or you have an entire menu of healthy but delicious foods, a food truck is a great way to turn that food into a business and share good nutrition with those around you. Thanks to Instagram tools and the Internet, growing a following is easy. You can get started before your truck even launches, bringing in plenty of business from those looking for a good but healthy bite to eat.

6.  Teach Cooking Classes

It’s hard to cook healthy meals if you aren’t sure how to cook more than a few items. If that seems to be the case among your friends and community, then why not start teaching cooking classes that focus on healthy dishes? You can teach in-person, or you can teach students online and help them learn how to cook meals of their own that are healthier for them than boxed macaroni and cheese or packaged ramen.

7.  Launch a Health Food Blog

A lot of people are using blogs as a creative outlet and a source of income these days. If you are passionate about health food, have done tons of research on your own, and have plenty of knowledge to share, starting a blog where you can share recipes, ideas, studies you’ve found, and other resources is a great way to help fuel the health movement and make some money as well.

What has caused you to be so passionate about health?


Loveworld USA Brings Pastor Chris Oyakhilome To American Viewers

Christians in the U.S. will soon experience the awesome power of Christian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome when he launches his new American TV channel, Loveworld USA. Pastor Oyakhilome is already one of the most recognizable Christian preachers in the world with a large following across the majority of the African continent and a growing base of supporters in the U.K.; in North America, the Pastor is possibly best known for the extensive network of courses and schools he has established for would be ministers to use to gain the skills, experience, and knowledge needed to follow in the footsteps of this Pastor from Lagos, Nigeria.

Chris Oyakhilome transcends many different media and live events as a Pastor who has brought a major change to the way Christians across the planet celebrate their love of God. Through his ministry group, the Christ Embassy, Pastor Oyakhilome has embarked upon a series of live events and charitable efforts designed to make sure as many people as possible achieve as much as they can with their lives as they live in a Christian and morally ethical way; as a writer the Pastor has written books on the scriptures and those authored in a way that allows the individual to explore their own life in a successful way.

2017 will see the launch of the first dedicated Christian TV network in the U.S. headed by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his long time friend and peer, Pastor Benny Hinn. The two preachers have come together to develop the Loveworld USA channel, which takes its name from the three Loveworld channels Pastor Oyakhilome has already established from his base in Nigeria; Loveworld USA will bring content from the existing channels operated by the Pastor in Africa and across portions of Europe and provide U.S. viewers with the opportunity to explore and enjoy Christian content of many different kinds.

Chris Oyakhilome has been a powerful presence in global religion for over two decades and is well known for the special events and live communions he often presides over with the aid of the members of the Christ embassy; Benny Hinn will also provide content for the latest Loveworld channel and brings with him over 40 years of religious leadership that includes his highly rated TV shows broadcast across the African continent.

The Christian Satellite Network headed by Pastor Oyakhilome has already created a major buzz across North America and is broadcast into more than 50 countries around the world. The aim of the latest channel from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome comes with a promise to provide the best in religion and music for every member of the family to enjoy, including a number of U.S. based Pastors who will also provide content and special events for a channel that aims to change the American religious viewing experience for the better.


Alcoholism is a Problem People Face All Around the World

Some of the counties with the most severe alcohol abuse issues include Slovakia, Andorra, Lithuania, and Ukraine. When you examine the countries on this list, many have a largely poor population, and few ways to cope with the problems residents experience in their day-to-day lives. This is where alcohol can come into play, and cause dependencies to develop in a big way. The uninhibited use of alcohol for these reasons has led to some of the most alcohol-addicted countries in the world and to a global crisis of alcoholism and alcohol use disorders.

Alcoholism is a Problem People Face All Around the World

No matter where you look, there are people struggling with alcoholism. The substance is legal in most parts of the world, which is part of the reason why many people drink to excess. Unfortunately, though, when a problem does occur, many do not know how or are afraid to seek help. It is important for alcoholics to be able to seek treatment because otherwise they won’t be able to put an end to their substance abuse safely or effectively. Sadly, though, many people do not, especially in countries where alcoholism is a deeply ingrained issue that has gone unchecked for many years.

Over 88,000 people die from alcohol-related deaths in the United States each year, and while this is a shocking statistic, the US isn’t even on the list of the top ten countries suffering from alcoholism. This reminds us of the severity of the problem, both abroad and at home, and it is the reason why we must do everything we can to educate ourselves and others about the dangers of alcohol abuse.


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