To choose a drug or alcohol rehab for yourself, a friend, or a relative is a task that can be difficult. Drug and alcohol abuse is not a new thing.  People have been experiencing these substances’ effects, which is reflected by loss of jobs, family issues causing domestic violence, and poor health condition.  

Addiction Treatment

Research more about Mile High Continuing Care, a drug and alcohol rehab treatment center that offers an addiction treatment program. A rehab center helps people suffering from addiction to recover and their life of sobriety. The following information will help you to understand more about the rehab center.

Accreditation and licensing

Every reputable drug rehab center you need to choose should be accredited by the joint commission. In case you identify another with accreditation from a commission on accreditation of rehabilitation facility, you can as well consider it legit. These two bodies are independent and authorized to accredit such institutions after confirming that they have met required standards and demonstrates quality and value in their service delivery.

Confirm whether the center has a state license. A state license is different from accreditation, considering that states’ requirements vary, resulting in a difference in license requirements. Moreover, for a center to advertise its services on Google and Facebook, it is required to be certified. Therefore, check out for these requirements before choosing a center.

Clinical staff credentials and licenses

The clinician working in the rehab centers needs to have met the required standards. Confirm whether they have the necessary credentials and licenses which prove their competency in running the rehab programs and providing the services. Clinical staff lacking these requirements means that they lack training and experience. They are likely not to provide effective care. Some credentials the clinical staff ought to have included Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC), Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC), and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

Multidisciplinary treatment team

You need to note that quality inpatient substance abuse treatment programs need to have a multidisciplinary treatment team. The team is required to work together to address all aspects of addiction, starting from mental effects, physical effects, and psychological effects. By so doing, a patient leaves the rehab center having undergone an effective treatment program. The team comprises medical doctors, nurses, chemical dependency counselors, psychologists, spiritual care counselors, psychiatrists, wellness specialists, and nutritionists.

Mental health services

People involved in alcohol and drug addiction experience mental health conditions. Some of these conditions include anxiety, stress, and depression. To ensure that the right treatment procedures are met, an accurate and effective dual diagnosis is required. The dual diagnosis requires the medication to incorporate handling of the addiction and co-occurring mental health disorder.   

Treatment success rate

In most instances, rehab providers never measure the treatment outcome, or else they measure it inconsistently. Different rehabs will define the treatment success differently. By this, be wary and careful when choosing the right rehab for you. Keep off from one that claims to have a 100% success rate. Any center that quotes its success rates should provide data that was collected using a research-based method.