Within the past two years, Crossfit sports increasingly popular sports enthusiasts in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. Even so, not a few are still strange to hear the word Crossfit, and wondering what kind of sport it?

Crossfit is an exercise program that uses daily activities (functional) is done in a short time and high intensity. Every day, Crossfit practice will vary. Maybe today his practice is encouraging and interesting, tomorrow will be different again. You can also get a fitness reference on www.worldfitnesscr.com

At a glance, this sport is similar to the type of sport that is in the gym (gym). But apparently, these two sports are very different. So where are the differences?

Crossfit is different from fitness (gym or conventional gym). In this sport, the movements used are more functional, while in the gym the movement is more to the formation of the body, stomach, and also feet, If movement in Crossfit sport is more to everyday movement, like squat, push, pull, run, throw. The difference is in everyday movements that we use.

This one sport, obviously Oka, comes from Uncle Sam’s country, United States, since the 2000s. Unlike in Asia, especially in Indonesia, which is still very new, their Crossfit sport is already very mushrooming. “Even the Crossfit box, there are in every 200 to 300 meters.This kind of sport there is very common.

Crossfit, Sports Skills Ability (H1 / H2)

In practice, athletes exercise in a short time with very high movement intensity. When athletes do as quickly as possible, there may be discomfort.