Time is essential element for everyone and how each one of us uses his/her time to determines our success to a great extent. Therefore, busy women are usually looking for hairstyles that will not take much of their time styling. Easy updos are some of the first looks that many women think about whenever they need easy hairstyles.

When it comes to updos, it is upon you to choose the type of updo you need since they exist in two types where one is easy to style and the other is complicated and consumes a lot of time. So, if you need an easy updo, you should opt for the first option. We are going to show you various ways to style easy updos. Take a look and choose the one that you think will not consume much of your time when styling.

1. Low Twisted Bun.

This low twisted bun is beautiful and works great. It looks quite natural yet sophisticated and chic. To achieve this look, begin styling a day-old curls. However, note that this loose hairdo needs texture to style and allow it fall nicely. Create the hair into a stunning ponytail and then wrap it around to create a bun and hold it using a pin.

2. Contemporary Curly French Style.

This hairdo is one of the easiest to achieve. To get it, create three portions of the hair into horizontal chunks. From each section, create two portions and then twist them lightly around each other to the trimmings. Afterward, tuck the hair underneath and then hold it with pins. Repeat the same process for all sections and finally you would have a beautiful hairdo.

3. Double Nun Easy Updo.

Compared to single buns, most women will choose this bun. It is one of the easy updos we have since you can create it in just few minutes. To start divide the locks into two portions, starting at the ear down to the back. Grab each portion and create a bun. Make sure the buns you create are intact, so they don’t get too overwhelming.

4. Quick Messy Bun.

You are running out of your time to wash your hair, but anyway you want to look nice? Don’t worry. This is the best easy updo for refreshing your bad hair day. Just twist the hair on the sides and create a messy bun and hold it with bobby pins. Allow some pieces to cascade on the sides. The look is natural, and the messier it gets, the better.

5. Zigzag Messy Buns.

This easy updo is simply fashion forward. It elevates the pigtails. To style it, divide your hair into two portions and then zigzag the portions. Come up with a messy bun at the crown and you are ready to go.