Many people feel insecure about the presence of moles around the face or in other parts of the body that can be seen with other people. Therefore, they usually choose to remove moles by surgery. Not only by surgery, but there are also currently many other ways that can be used to remove moles. However, is removing moles safe for health?

What is a Mole?

Moles are small spots that appear on body parts. Usually brownish or rather black moles on the skin surface are formed due to the grouping of skin-producing cells called melanocytes. In addition, the texture of the mole has a variety of types, some are smooth and also rough. In fact, some moles can sometimes grow a few feathers.

When should moles be removed?

Moles themselves are actually of two types. A dangerous mole and a harmless mole. Even though it’s not dangerous, some people don’t feel confident when they have moles on parts of the body that can be seen by others. Especially if the mole has a round and prominent shape. In addition, usually the priority to remove is a mole that is dangerous for skin health. In Curamed Medical and Aesthetic, you can safely remove your mole, mole removal singapore  they offer safe and effective minor surgical procedures such as removal of small skin lesions, moles, skin tags, syringoma, warts and more. Local or topical anesthesia has to be administered to a procedure that is comfortable and pain-free.

• Harmless Moles

In harmless moles or normal moles, they usually have an even color on one mole. Moles are normal in shape can be flat on the surface of the skin or protruding, the shape can also be round or oval. Normal and harmless moles usually have a diameter of no more than 6 millimeters and have been present since birth. In addition, the mole does not feel itchy and sometimes doesn’t even have any taste.

For women, some moles will be seen during pregnancy because of hormonal factors that affect the color of the mole. In addition, increasing age will also affect the color of normal moles. As we get older, the color of the mole can darken. However, it can also when we age the color of the mole fades.

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• Dangerous Moles

Moles that are dangerous for health will appear after you approach adulthood or when you are an adult. You can immediately check your doctor to find out if the mole appears normal or the initial sign of disease in your body.

Usually, dangerous moles have an uneven shape and edges. Besides that, the color is also uneven. Usually, doctors will recommend the removal of moles so that they do not have the potential to become a disease in the future.

Yes, as long as your mole shows no sign of a dangerous disease, you don’t need to remove the mole.

Risk of removing moles

If you feel insecure about a mole, you can just lift the mole. However, the procedure must be performed by a professional doctor. Although not a severe operation, removal of the mole certainly has risks.

After the surgical removal of a mole, chances are you are at risk of having a wound from a former surgery. Although there are drugs to remove scars, in some cases the scars of the surgery cannot be removed.

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