A person’s smile is often one of the first features that an individual notices. Smiling exudes a sense of warmth and welcome that may help initiate conversations and promote meaningful connections. However, many people may refrain from smiling due to the embarrassment of the way that their teeth look. There are many ways to combat this issue and increase one’s confidence.

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Teeth Whitening

Individuals regularly consume various foods and beverages that are known to negatively impact the appearance of one’s teeth. Coffee, sports drinks, tea and highly acidic foods can eat away at tooth enamel causing sensitivity and stained teeth. A traditional dental cleaning can only reverse this yellow color damage to a certain degree. Teeth whitening may be an excellent solution for those wishing to brighten their smile. Getting teeth whitening treatment Happy Valley Oregon can brighten the shade of one’s teeth to the desired outcome.


Crooked teeth, gaps or misaligned bites can cause people to avoid smiling at all costs. Although rather expensive, obtaining orthodontic treatment may be necessary to correct any complicated dental issues. Individuals may opt for the use of braces, aligners or other devices to move their teeth into the proper position. It may take months or even years to see the end result; however, they should create long-term results if post-treatment plans are closely followed.


Veneers can provide an individual with instant gratification. Made from porcelain or other types of resin, these fake coverings are laid down on top of one’s existing teeth to create the ideal smile. They can cosmetically create the illusion of having the perfect smile without the need to physically maneuver any teeth inside of an individual’s mouth. Since veneers will only remain effective for a certain number of years, they are viewed as a semi-permanent solution.

A beautiful smile can create more confidence for a self-conscious individual.