Seems like everyone retires to warm states like Florida and South Carolina these days. While warm weather is a popular choice, if you do decide to head to the sunshine state or another warm state, you’ll have to pick a specific location, such as a city. Given how many great cities there are in the warmer states, that’s no easy choice. When considering senior living in Fort Myers, Orlando, Charleston, Austin, or other warm cities, you should look at the local amenities.

Given how many great cities there are in the United States, how do you find the best ones? First, you should find a city where the cost of living is generally affordable. If you’re looking for a retirement home, you may find that retirement centers in affordable cities are cheaper than retirement homes in expensive areas.

Of course, affordability may not matter much if your quality of life is poor. That’s why you should look for cities that offer great amenities as well. The city itself should be large enough to ensure that you’ll find plenty of restaurants and things to do. At the same time, it’s not so huge that you’ll feel crowded and overwhelmed.

Like spending time outside? Consider a city with nearby beaches, fishing spots, parks, and more. It’s also smart to consider cities where public spaces aren’t crowded. This often makes it easier to unwind and enjoy. Cities by the ocean often enjoy more mild temperatures and cool breezes, so consider that as well.

It’s also smart to check out publications that rate retirement cities. For example, Fort Myers (Florida), Naples (Florida), Myrtle Beach (S. Carolina), Houston (Texas), and Charlotte (N. Carolina) are well-regarded by the US News and World Report.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a place to retire and want to enjoy warm, comfortable weather, you should consider cities in the southern half of the US.